Anna Maria's Needleworks Notebook

Beloved textile designer and writer Anna Maria generously opens the door on her favorite embroidery projects and invites you to stitch alongside her; in no time you'll be surrounded by everyday works of art.

Anna Maria's Needleworks Notebook features four categories of needlework: Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Embroidery, and Crewel. Each category offers advice on common tools used, Anna Maria's favorite techniques, and hold-your-hand instruction on how to develop your own inspired patterns. In addition, each project journals her process right down to the precise fabrics and exact color number of every thread used in the beautifully photographed examples.

Layered with exquisite photography, coded graphs, patterns to trace, and practical tips, Anna Maria's Needleworks Notebook will inspire you to join the fun and transform your home and wardrobe into treasured keepsakes.

All copies from our shop are signed by Anna!


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