Where can I find my PDF Pattern Download?

With each purchase of a PDF download, you will receive a link for one download - you cannot download the PDF multiple times. Many times a customer may click the download link and not see where the file goes - and we can help you with that!

Most often, once you click a download link, a window will open at the bottom of your browser showing the file downloading and will offer you a link of where to save or open the file. If this doesn’t happen, try searching for your file in the following ways:

For Mac desktop users:

The easiest and quickest way to find a download is to click on the Spotlight tool at the top right corner of your screen- the button looks like a magnifying glass. In the search bar, you can either type “Downloads” or the name of the file you are searching for, and a list of files will show up. 

Otherwise, the default location for most downloads on your Mac is the Downloads folder located inside your user folder. You should be able to see your Downloads folder in the Finder sidebar under ‘Favorites.’ If not, do the following:

1. Click on the Finder in the Dock

2. Choose the Finder menu, then Settings.

3. Select Sidebar, then check the box next to Downloads

For Windows desktop users

To find the Download Folder, select “File Explorer” from the taskbar, or press the Windows logo key + E. Under quick access, select Downloads.

To look for a particular file if it is not in the Download folder, search from the taskbar: Type the name of a document (or a keyword from it” into the search box on the taskbar.

For iPhone or iPad users:

Open the Files app. Don't have the blue Files app icon on your Home Screen? Swipe down from the center of your Home Screen, then search for the Files app.

1. Tap the Browse tab.

2. Tap iCloud Drive.

3. Tap the Downloads folder to see your downloaded files.

If you are still having trouble finding your download, please email us.

How long will it take to get my order?

We are a very small crew, however we pack, cut and ship our in-stock goods Monday-Friday and you can usually expect your order to be on it's way to you in 2-3 days (but very often less). Please be sure you take note on items that have a "pre-sale" listing and the date attached to that for shipping expectations. There are seasons where we are swelled with a higher volume of orders so it might take 3-5 days to turn it around. If we do not have the stock you ordered we do our best to communicate that to you by phone or email within a day or two of your order and provide some alternatives. There are times when we are away at an event and will take a shipping hiatus, but you'll see that in the top colorbar of the site so you know what to expect. Don't be shy, email us if you have a question about your order: shipping@annamariahorner.com

I can't find my fabric/quilt club subscription on this website- where is it?

All 2023 clubs that are received monthly and paid for monthly (Color Club, Applique Story club and Brave Quilt Club) are now accessed via annamariaclubs.com . Because the launch of this website happened in the midst of those clubs being fulfilled we chose to keep all that customer information at its original location for the duration of the 2023 shipping year.

How do I change payment method / shipping address for my subscription?

You can log into your account (now at annamariaclubs.com) to update payment and or shipping details for your subscription.

Can I cancel my fabric or quilt club subscription?

Quilt Clubs

We do not allow a cancellation or "return" of a Quilt Club. A Quilt Club is any progressive project where the payments and custom cut fabrics are spread across 2 or more deliveries. Due to the nature of this inventory, you have reserved it from the time you made your first signup/purchase.

Even if you have "paid in full" and received all your goods, we do not accept returns on these custom cut goods.

Fabric Subscriptions

Our fabric subscriptions are also periodic payment and delivery program throughout the year, however you may cancel at any time. Please keep in mind that if your next delivery is already processing, then you will still receive it. When you cancel you will be cancelling those deliveries which are not already billed and in process of delivering. To cancel please write to shipping@annamariahorner.com.

If you have "paid in full" you will continue to receive all those goods you have paid for, and we do not accept returns for "paid in full" customers.

How do I care for my fabrics?

All Anna Maria and Conservatory Craft fabrics are made from 100% cotton and can be washed on a gentle cycle, with cold water and a mild detergent. You can drip dry them or take them out of a low heat drying cycle just before they are fully dry and hang them up. In general fabric washed with these methods will shrink less than 1/2" over a full yard of fabric.

Many of the other brands of fabrics that we carry in the Craft South collections are also the same content and therefore care. Those fabrics that have some linen, or rayon content, or a delicate or textured surface might require a cold handwash, and a drip dry instead.

How do I find an older, out of print Anna Maria fabric?

In general we are really no better than you at finding Anna Maria's older, out of print fabrics. If we are not offering it for sale on our website that means we do not have any stock of it, except for Anna Maria's personal collection. A simple Google of the print name, collection name, and Anna Maria's name will usually yield some results online. We are happy to provide those details if you send us a photo of the fabric you are looking for: info@annamariahorner.com

How can I book Anna Maria for a lecture/workshop at my shop/guild?

Please write directly to Anna Maria to check her availability: am@annamariahorner.com

It is helpful in your email if you can provide the following information: Shop/Guild name, website, location, and desired dates.

Please note that Anna Maria typically books her appearances 9-12 months in advance. If available for your dates she'll provide an information sheet that includes fees and hosting parameters as well as a menu of class and lecture options. Thank you very much for the interest!

Do you have a store I can visit?

Anna Maria and her staff operated the beautiful Craft South in two different locations in Nashville from 2014-2022 and we miss it very much! While we no longer have a daily in person shopping environment we do have an online calendar of events for you to come for a visit and a shop, or even do a workshop with us! Visit our Events page for all upcoming pop-up days and we hope to see you at one soon!

I signed up for a workshop and cannot attend, what is your workshop refund policy?

Because of the nature of workshops and venue reservations, we are unable to refund a workshop purchase unless we can fill the vacancy. As soon as you know that you are unable to attend please contact us as we typically have a waitlist of folks who could take your spot. You are also welcome to try and fill or gift the position yourself, and you can send us the contact info of who is taking your spot. We reserve the right to adapt this policy on a case by case basis, because obviously we know that life happens. Purchasing a workshop with us means that you understand and agree to these details, thank you!


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