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Fluent Collection

Cut Size: Fat Quarter
Path 3
Path 2

From Anna Maria:

“The visual language of color and design can often express more than is possible with words and you could say that my goal as an artist is to become fluent in these languages. As a first generation Greek American who has never quite reached fluency in Greek, I recently embarked on reconnecting with the language through audio lessons. Coincidentally, I was creating the beginnings of this collection as I was listening to both familiar and new words. The idea of language and fluency was a lovely pursuit in making this art. The "Raiment" floral print was my first drawing and is based on a beautiful flower that I bought from a local nursery. Before I knew its name, I thought the blooms looked like tiered and ruffled skirts. I later learned it is indigenous to Sri Lanka and its name means "clothing". It was a moment of the flower speaking to me first, and I was so pleased. Other prints echo visual stories and traditional crafts from other parts of the world like Grecian Urns, hand drawn paisleys, structural lace, and imaginative florals. The scale and color variation is ripe for exciting quilts and striking garments or home decor!”


The Fluent Collection offers your choice of one fat quarter, one half-yard or one yard of each of the 18 fabrics in the collection.

All fabric is 100% cotton.

Total yardage included: 4 1/2 yards (fat quarter collection) 9 yards (1/2 yard collection), or 18 yards (full yard collection)


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