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Folk Dance Quilt

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When I created my own version of a “zigzag” quilt back in 2009 to feature my Good Folks collection, it was modeled after a beautiful, vintage red and white beauty. What I enjoyed about the particular style of piecework for that quilt was the single pattern shape of the right triangle put to such excellent use. Combined with the smaller triangle piece to cap off each “column” at the top and bottom, I was seduced by the directness of the approach. A relative novice to quiltmaking at the time, I was informed, of course, after sharing this pattern that the same pointy stripes could also be achieved with flying geese blocks, or with a combo of squares and rectangles. I still prefer the seams, and therefore “lines” that happen in this version, and how the triangle breaks up the print of selected fabrics. All that to say, I humbly have a favorite, and hope you enjoy the simple dynamic of this rhythmic and classic approach.

Cutting is a snap with the accompanying Folk Dance Template!

Fabric Requirements:

Small: 45“x 60”

-1⁄2 yd each of 10 fabrics for top -3 1⁄2 yards for backing
-1⁄2 yard for binding

*Medium: 60“ x 65”

-1⁄2 yd each of 12 fabrics for top -4 yards for backing
-1⁄2 yard for binding

*As shown in the medium size quilt featured on the cover page, right and left edges are made from the same fabric 1.

Large: 75” x 90”

-3⁄4 yd each of 16 fabrics for top -5 1⁄2 yards for backing
-3⁄4 yard for binding

Note: the first and last color used for the Small and Large quilt will require less fabric, however all are estimated equally so that you can decide on positioning later.

*This is a PDF pattern. Once you've completed your purchase you will be emailed a download link! 


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