Introducing Anna Maria's Blueprint Quilting- available November 2024!

Quilt alongside Anna Maria as you explore color, pattern, and technique with 16 joyful projects from 4 simple design structures!

Uncover the mystery of quilt design and demystify Anna Maria's seemingly complex patterns and sumptuous color combinations as she breaks down her signature designs into accessible “blueprints,” or underlying structures. This accessible,visually inspiring book features:

  • A behind-the-scenes glimpse into Anna Maria’s process
  • Four quilt blueprints and accessible projects for different skill levels
  • Techniques for intensifying details, adjusting colors, and scaling designs for endless possibilities
  • Insight into planning and executing quilting and appliqué techniques
  • Clear illustrations and photography for an inspiring and informative experience
  • QR codes linked to videos that further illuminate important techniques

You can now preorder the book from the following sellers:


Barnes & Noble


And signed copies are available from Anna Maria!



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