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I originally designed this improvised log cabin quilt to use the leftover fabric from the Brave Quilt project. Once finished I realized what a wonderful opportunity this pattern is to use those cherished pieces that are not big enough for much else. It is also a great way to explore all the colors on your shelves by setting them to your own version of color or value order. The following instructions are more of a general guide to creating your own oversized log cabin quilt, as exact measurements and fabric placement will vary by individual. The style of this assembly is one color passing off to the next, like a relay. Embrace the improvisational process and create whatever style and size you would like!

Quilt Details:

Dimensions: 64” x 68”

Skill Level: Beginner

Techniques: Piecing

Size considerations:

Start with the recommended rectangle size to build from, OR you might like to choose a different size rectangle or even a square. Keep in mind that when adding concentric rounds of finished 2” strips that your quilt top will grow by 4” with each new round. Good to know as you plan the number of rounds, the size of your quilt, and therefore the materials.

Suggested Materials:

We have a limited kit right here!



If you are starting from scratch you will need:

-One Fat Quarter for center feature (or more depending on repeat and placement)

-Sixty 2 ½ “ x WOF fabric strips from a variety of fabrics

-i.e. 3 strips from 20 or so different fabrics

-you can also use 2 ½” wide precut strips

For either of the above material options you will also need:

-Binding: ¾ yard

-Backing: 4 ½ yards

-Batting to fit 64” x 68”


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