Interchangeable Tip Punch Needle Set

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This Nurge Punch Needle Set includes a beechwood punch handle with brass fittings, three needles, small, medium and large (with a little plastic box to keep them in), and a needle threader to thread the yarn through the handle. There is also a handy reusable plastic pouch to keep all the bits together safely!

Just choose your yarn or thread to get started and start bringing stunning designs to life by punching the needle into the fabric. You’ll be able to change the length of your loops to create varying effects, as well as change up your yarn of choice for a multi-coloured masterpiece.

Needle punching is the perfect way to create beautiful designs for wall hangings, and cushions to decorate your home. Punch needle embroidery is a type of rug hooking which is easy to learn and works up quickly. Perfect for creating wall hangings, rugs, and soft furnishings. Working from the back of the piece the punch needle creates loops of yarn or thread, as you stitch.

The punch needle is a hollow decorative stitching needle with which the thread is punched onto the fabric from the top. This creates loops on the backside, in which the height of the loop is determined by the height of the needle.
The punch needle technique ranges from thick punch needles with wool yarns to very fine punch needles with embroidery threads.


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